Kyki Mama Yo

Dear Femi One, Muthoni DQ, Njeri and the rest of you female rappers, there’s a new queen rapper in town. Her name is Kyki. She is currently causing tremors in the music industry.

Will the likes of Femi One dance to her tune?

Her new track Kuku Mwitu has received heavy backlash but despite that, Kyki still has some ardent fans who are talking about the song. It all started with decorated rapper signed under Kaka Empire, Femi One, releasing a diss track dubbed ‘Pilau Njeri’.
In her new song, Femi dissed her fellow female artistes among them Size 8 and Njeri.

But this didn’t go down well. Njeri the rapper came out to respond to Femi One and she also released a diss track hitting back at Femi.

The drama between local female rappers seem to only be getting started and upcoming female rapper Kyki has decided to put her counterparts in their rightful place. In her new video Kuku Mwitu, the petite lass, has taken shots at the industry’s big wigs like the decorated rapper King Kaka Sungura, Muthoni Drummer Queen, STL,Noti Flow and even Khaligraph Jones. She went in ham.

Here is Kyki’s track that everyone in the streets is talking about

What do you think about this track?