Which type of  Kenyan men do you think makes the best and worst husbands?

This has always been debatable at chamas, public gatherings and even on social media. Many women defend their partners because most confuse, or rather compare them with their fathers.

I had a heated argument with my colleagues and we were able to come to an agreement that there are some types of Kenyan men who make the worst husbands.

This did not go well with my learned friend, Chege who is currently ‘vying’ for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat. The young lad came out to defend his people saying that they are the most hard-working and they ‘have no time to spend in bed condoling’ just to impress Anyango, Atoti, Waitherereo & Mwende etc.

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This man who hails from Kiambu County also says that he cannot “waste time and money” on women and that those who treat their women well and take them out for dates ‘are lost and that their future is doomed’. Chege says that ‘If you have to use money to get her, then she is not worth it’.

Yeye hapana tambua romance.

Dear ladies, there you have it from the horses mouth; avoid this lad like a plague. Well, Kenyan men from these tribes make the worst husbands, go through and comment at the end of the story.

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  1. Kikuyu

They are stingy. Kamau or Chege cannot spend their money on women. He would rather take his boys out and but the whole bar. Kikuyu men are also unromantic.

Stingy Person

Most of them are used to mende kufa sex style and woe unto you if you like experiencing new things. They are apparently pathetic in bed. So don’t date a Kikuyu man expecting him to be romantic like Otieno, your ex.

Pandilia Mende Kufa

2. Meru/Kisii

Weeh! Men from these two tribes are a no go zone. They are high tempered and he can slash your head and chop off your limbs if you dare cross his line. They cannot submit to their wives. Meru and Kisii men always see themselves as the head of the house and cannot be told anything. They always have the final say.

Muhammad Ali

3. Luhyas

They could have come first. Just like their Kikuyu counterparts, Luhya men are so stingy. Most of them cannot spend even a single cent on their women.

My colleague once confessed that his ex, a man from Mulembe nation could destroy her NUNU every time they used to meet yet he was a terrible lover.

Dear women, you will be reduced to a sex tool and domestic manager in case you marry Luhya men; uko ready kusonga ugali sahani kumi per day?


4. Samburu/Maasai

These Kenyan men are natural polygamists. So if you decide to settle down with a man from Samburu or Masailand be ready to ‘share’.

Men from these tribes are so backward ION they still believe in their old traditions even in this day and age.

They will probably still practise FGM on you and your daughters regardless of the time and place. They still believe that women belong in the kitchen and make good homestead keepers and that’s why most of their wives stay in the villages guarding cows and goats.

what the fuck shock lol

5. Luo 

They are well-known spendthrifts but are terrible when it comes to marriage. Luo men are so proud and behave as if they own the country.

He will cheat on you with several other girlfriends because he knows very well that you cannot leave him for someone else.

i love you lol

Most of them survive on loans, living a lavish lifestyle but in case he passes away, poverty will come knocking on your door.

They spent their savings and don’t bother about investing and this leaves the family suffering. If by bad luck he passes away, fellow Luo men who have big egos will work to keep face until they ‘save’ their friends.

Either way, ladies you have your own choice to make….do you and choose the tribe that appeals to your tastes, though it really shouldn’t really matter in the first place.