After coming from rehab after being overwhelmed by drugs, legendary Tanzanian singer Ray has been trying to make a comeback.

This time round, the singer together with Kenya’s very own Sanaipei Tande have been featured on new hit by Chege dubbed Najiuliza.

This love ballad is one of a kind, a song that has seen Ray C flaunt her boobs for the World to see. Lets just say the old Ray C is back with a bang.

“I Thought Of KILLING MYSELF More Than 10 TIMES!’ Confesses Bongo Star Ray C

Ray went silent for a while after being addicted to hard drugs. She was later admitted at a Rehab courtesy of the Former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, where she fully recovered.

She came back to surprise fans on how she had added weight. After complaints from fans, Ray C has successfully brought her sexy back.

Check out the photos where for the first time she showed team Mafisi a sneak peak of her boobs:


ray c1


ray c



ray c2

Here is the video: