Naskia leo traffic ni mwenda! But I need not worry. The ‘kange’ in this mathree is super hot! Sijiskii kushuka. But what happens when the person breaking the news about the hot nature of the conductor is a gospel artiste? Hakuna ubaya, but some people will for sure see it as “UFISI”.

This happened to one Gerriey Wainaina, of the Mchanganyo hit song. He seemed to be riding in one of the ‘nganyas’ in Nairobi recently, when he noticed that the person asking for the bus fare, otherwise known as konda, was this sizzling hot light-skinned mamacita.

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He “took” a photo of her and innocently posted it on Instagram with the caption, “#konkodi wa wapi huyu?”. Some lass on Facebook by the name Sue Wa Murunyu, who was obviously ticked off, came out guns blazing saying, “People to be respected with their jobs, could be somebody’s wife, sister or daughter.”