Mothers-in-law are known to be inhuman, unkind, jealous, envious, bad-hearted creatures who mistreat their daughters-in-law especially if she sees you as the worst choice for her son.

A Nairobi woman has left many perturbed after she shared her harrowing experience with her mother-in-law from hell.

Mother-in-Law From Hell! Kenyan Woman Narrates How Her Mother-in-law Pooped At Her Door Step

According to this embittered wife, her mother-in-law hated her from the first time she met her. She claims that her mother-in-law was against her marrying her son and she has gone through hell in the hands of the Jezebel (mother-in-law) in her family. Her sister-in-law is also another agent of Satan.

“My mother-in-law and sister-in-law hate me with passion. My husband is a graduate, well educated and has a well-paying job while on the other hand after completing high school I didn’t join college due to finances my family was struggling. I met my husband in a coffee shop I was working and he loved me right there and then we dated for 2 years then, he married me. I remember when they came to pay my dowry his mother called me aside and told me that I should treat her son well or else she will send me packing back to my poverty-stricken family,” she wrote.

The frustrated wife added;

“The next day I woke up early to prepare breakfast, she woke up pissed, questioned me about everything. The design of the seats and the decor, she didn’t like the wallpaper I had installed oh no she hated everything. The night came, we prepared ugali and beef and I served everyone. Later we decided to have wine with hubby and her.

My husband was tipsy. I called her out and told her my hubby’s behaviour is odd and we need to take him to hospital immediately. She stood up and started shouting at hubby, asking him what he had consumed, he was not responding. I called a friend to come over, I was so worried, shaking and wondering what had happened.

Moments later our friend arrived by then he was completely numb. We didn’t waste any time. We rushed him to hospital. The doctor asked us some questions my mother-in-law was mia just saying ‘save my son, please’. The doc did some blood test and the results came out he had some valium in his blood system and they immediately put him on medication to flush the drug out of the system. So I asked how the poison got to his system the doc said either someone spiked his drink,” she continued.

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The woman then confronted her mother-in-law asking her whether she was the one who spiked her husband’s drink but she denied.

“I confronted my mother-in-law and asked her whether she had put anything in my husband’s drink. she frantically refused and started shouting at me that I knew what her son had consumed or rather I’m the one who wants to eliminate him. I couldn’t argue with her. I went back to the ward. by now my hubby had started regaining consciousness and he asked me what happened and I told him I suspect his mother spiked his drink. he couldn’t believe it. My mother-in-law left the hospital without saying goodbye to us and went home. The following day we were discharged and we found her home,” she said.

Ladies, what kind of person is your mother-in-law?

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