Ida Alisha might have finally said her vows to the love of her life for the second time.

The mother in law actress who is Catherine Kamau’s best friend might just have professed her vows to her fiancee.

Dressed in white, Ida Alisha posed for pictures and posted them on Instagram with the caption:

I swear to God I have never been so impressed with the pics he took like this day! The hubby is getting really good at it…plus how can you even attempt a filter on such awesomeness ..? I knooowwwww #BlackGirlsKillingIt#BlackQueen #BrownBeauty #Raleigh#DowntownRaleighArt

In this caption, she actually acknowledges that this is not a boyfriend, a fiancee but a husband. Plus she was dressed in white and so was her husband. The two looked like they’d finally tied the knot.

This is Ida Alisha’s second wedding after her first one that ended before it even started. This time she looks happier and you can tell from all the pet names she gave him such as ‘my whole heart’.

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Birds of a  feather flock together. Catherine Kamau, her best friends also got married in one of the biggest weddings last year to the love of her life, Phillip Karanja.

Here are pictures of her in the white dress:



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