Aisha Juma
Aisha Juma. photo credit: Hazary Baraka

Jokes are made that involve selling kidneys. The jokes are normally dark and the participants don’t normally mean what they are saying. How far is a person willing to thrive and not merely survive? A woman in Kilifi county, the drive to live proud without begging has become a study in life imitating art.

Life imitates art meme
Life imitates art. photo credit:Eternally Sunny

Aisha Juma, a resident of Mtwapa said that life has become extremely difficult after she was abandoned by her husbands, an inspectorate officer, and an Administration Police. The lady who has been twice-divorced said that the two men refused to accept and take responsibility for her sons aged two and 17.

Aisha Juma

The situation has been so bad that she has thought about ending her life on several occasions. She explained:

“I have severally thought of taking my own life after my husbands abandoned me and refused to accept our sons. Life turned into a thorn and I can’t seem to find any help. So I have decided to sell one of my kidneys to get money that will help me school my sons and set up business to sustain us.”

Her son, Himasi Juma, in form four at Kamuiru Boys Secondary School. He owes the institution an outstanding fee balance of KSh 106, 000. She added:

“I can’t even afford his fare to school let alone pay him a visit and buy him the necessities. I only sent him to school this term with just fare, no pocket money. I can’t help him realize his dreams. So I have decided to do anything possible to have him and his brother finish school.”

Even applying for a school bursary has been an unsuccessful venture for her. She

“I am serious I want to sell my kidney to get money so I can pay for my child’s fee and set up business to sustain us because life has become extremely hard and I have tried all means but no help is forthcoming not even from my relatives.”

Juma can’t engage in strenuous labour anymore as she underwent two caesareans for the both of her children. Her doctor warned her against it. This woman has reached a tipping point, a point that no human being should reach, but sadly that is a world we don’t live in.

If you thought she was joking, she even gave her number out to anyone who wanted to buy her kidney from her. Her number is 0726304474.

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