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Mother-in-laws are said to be cold-hearted, unkind, unwelcoming, cruel, strict, abusive and even crooked creatures from hell. Most of them are the kind of species you’ll never want to interact with on this earth. They make their daughter-in-laws’ lives miserable and if you thought the many sad tales you’ve heard about them are wrong, wait until you read the story I’m about to write.

There are some who are good (30%) but the rest (70%) are devils. From mistreating, torturing and being abusive to their daughter-in-laws, mother-in-laws are the reason why many marriages don’t last for long. She will turn you into a slave, gossip mate and use you to harm/hurt others, woe unto you if you fail to abide by her rules.

Mother-in-law From Heaven! Diamond Platnumz Mother Stuns Many After She Did This To Zari Hassan (EVIDENCE)

Well, a Kenyan woman has left many shocked after she revealed the worst things her mother-in-law has ever done to her.

The woman is a mother of three adorable boys, but her mother-in-law is not happy with her. She is still following the old traditions where one was expected to give birth to children of both genders or else, one was excommunicated or forced to ‘marry a younger woman who would bear her husband children’ so as to please the community.

‘I Caught My Boyfriend Red Handed Having Sex With His Mother,’ Cries Out Traumatized Woman

This woman revealed that her mother-in-law has been mistreating her and calling her all sorts of names just because she doesn’t have a female child. The satanic mother-in-law recently pooped her doorstep and told her to wipe it using her hands because she “could not bear them a girl”.

“I have had enough of this world. I am a mOther of three boys. My mother-in-law has always insulted me because I don’t have a dAughter but this evening the worst has happened, she came and pooped at my doorstep and smeared some on the door and said “panguza hiyo sababu ulikataa kunizaa” (wipe that because you refused to bear us a daughter) and I believe that this is pure witChcraft. What should I do?’ wrote the stressful woman.

Ladies, have you encountered such mother-in-laws? How do you deal with them? Leave a comment in the comment box below.