Ann Ngugi

There’s no one like a mother! They are the pillars of our families and will always be there for us when the whole world is against us. We should appreciate these wonderful gifts from God.

Kenyan TV girl Anne Ngugi is one of the greatest mothers around and we celebrate her. She has given hope to many parents out here with children living with disabilities.

Ann Ngugi

Ann is the mother of upcoming gospel singer Angel who was born with a birth defect called congenital hydrocephalus (the buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain at birth).

Despite her condition, Anne Ngugi is never afraid of supporting her.

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Well, to encourage other parents with children living with disabilities, here are the five things you all must learn from Anne Ngugi.

  1. Loving and caring

Anne is a loving mother to Angel. She is never afraid of showing her off in public like other parents do. She is very proud of her offspring and we have seen her accompany her to media interviews. She always talks positive. What a caring mother she is!

Ann Ngugi

2. Hardworking

Anne Ngugi was among the famous clique of TV presenters back in the day who made the media industry what it is now. She is talented. Remember back when she used to read news on KTN? She became famous and a very influential figure in the life of the girl child. To date, her mastery in the Swahili language makes her stand out from the pack.

3. Persevering/patient

2016 was not her year! She went through a lot of challenges. Anne Ngugi left Citizen TV for greener pastures at K24, but this did not go as well as she had planned. Barely a year later, she was laid off together with 70 other employees. She was five months pregnant with twins at the time and this changed her life completely. She was forced to adapt to a new lifestyle. She gave birth and towards the end of last year, she recollected herself, searched for a new job and she is currently working at MBCI TV station as a news anchor.

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4. Supportive

Anne Ngugi is a supportive woman. She recently left Kenyans praising her after she did a collabo with her daughter; the song Typu Yako Mungu Hakuna. She is not a singer but she did it to support her child. The song talks about how God has been good to them.


5. Strong

She is the true definition of a strong woman. Anne, in a past interview revealed how she used to cry and question God what wrong she did to deserve a child like Angel but as the years passed by, she learned to accept that nothing was wrong. She started loving and supporting Angel and here they are. Ann also proved to be strong after all her friends ran away when she had no job.

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