I do not understand the thrill that comes from dodging bullets. As I have said many times now, I have a nasty habit I am addicted to; breathing! And I want to continue breathing. The air is nasty and polluted and the scenery is no longer all that but I want to continue breathing!

Hessy Wa Kayole Reveals What’s In Store For Mwani And It’s A Grisly Death

Add to that the fact that the only holes I spot are on my jeans -not on my flesh! Then again, I do not steal so I do not know the thrill of ill gotten gains. Who am I to judge anyone anyway?

There are some lasses who seem hellbent on following Clare Njoki Kibia a.k.a Clea Adi Vybz a.k.a Cleah Mwani straight to hell:

Wamepatikana! Read How Brutally Clare Mwaniki’s Gaza Gang Members Are Being Killed By Hessy Wa Kayole

And Hessy wa Kayole has actually done the decent thing in warning them first so no one can truly play the victim. He has reached out to some Nairobi lasses albeit via social media and asked them to change their lifestyles or find out whether their makeup is bullet proof.

And the lasses he has warned are:

hessy wa dandora warns criminals

This lass was reportedly with Clea Adi Vybz when she met her fate.

hessy wa dandora warns criminals1 hessy wa dandora warns criminals2

The one on the left is Clea Adi Vybz who met her fate.

hessy wa dandora warns criminals3 hessy wa dandora warns criminals4 hessy wa dandora warns criminals5

The lass on the left is Clea Adi Vybz. Her associate to the right is whom Hessy is searching for.

hessy wa dandora warns criminals6 hessy wa dandora warns criminals7 hessy wa dandora warns criminals8