You climb the ranks of the corporate ladder on your back. That statement rings true in the following careers. The practitioners have proved time and time again that they are not above using their bodies as a tool of exchange. Here are the 5 most promiscuous careers.

1. The Hotel Industry.





Being cooped in a really hot kitchen, working odd hours and being in close contact with food that evokes certain thoughts makes chefs some of the randiest people in the universe. The fact that girls really, really love food and harbor fantasies of getting a man to cook for them doesn’t help. I guess there is something about a man in an apron.


Anything goes in the bid to make tips. The long hours standing, watching people eat meals that you can’t afford, smiling to rude people making  impossible orders can do bad things to a person’s mind. It can make such a person look for any possible shortcut to advance their career. Or so I think. It doesn’t help that they are in very close contact and quarters with chefs. Who as we’ve found out… well.

2.The Airline Industry.


Pilot Kenya

Here, ladies, you have to explain a number of things to me. What is it about pilots that makes your knees shake? Is it the fact that they are well traveled and in most cases, quite cultured? Or is it the hefty amount that they earn? Do you have fantasies of being his co-pilot? What exactly drives you to them. Well, pilots are completely aware of the power they yield. They use that power to ensnare girls like you. Pilots have girls in droves and I can’t understand why? Is it the promise of taking you on planes? Pilots, how exactly do you do it?

Air Hostesses.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are always  hopping from city to city and from country to country. Or maybe it’s because they are some of the most beautiful women in the world, carefully hand-picked to smile at and entertain passengers. Or maybe it’s the rich and famous people they meet in the first class (Let’s be honest, they are not looking for someone in the Economy class). Or maybe it’s all of the above. The truth is, air hostesses are some of the most promiscuous people on this planet.

3.The Entertainment Industry.

Dj Pic


You are not surprised, are you? This industry speaks for itself. What with all the alcohol, drugs, and hordes of fame crazed girls with low morals, the entertainment industry is a promiscuous party that never ends. And herein lies DJs, Artistes, Dancers and event organizers, ranked in no particular order (or not). 🙂

4.Home Services.

The movies don’t lie. When the cat(husband) is away, the mouse (gardener, plumber, maintenance guy, houseboy) comes out to play with the cat’s wife. These guys know how to appeal to the wife who is probably deprived and craving a life that is totally different from her’s. So when she sees the muscles lifting up a fridge and the tool bag hanging from his waist, well. And when he sees her eyeing his muscles, he moves in on the poor deprived woman hoping to add a few more zeroes to his paycheck. And then the husband starts wondering why the microwave always needs fixing. Hehe.


Doctors are so powerful and they know it. Look at them in their shiny, white coats with the stethoscope hanging from their chest and their important looking notepads. They take notes, and sneak in a sly smile here and there. Female patients are putty in their hands. A few scribbles on the notebook and they are gone. They can hardly wait to book their next appointment. And the doctor? He knows exactly what he’s doing. He smiles at you while you leave and smiles even brighter when the next catch walks into his office.

6.Sales Executives.

Sales Executives

This poor bunch is under so much pressure to seal deals and land accounts. They are probably the most pressured employees in the universe. And with the cutthroat competition that punctuates their industry, well they have to get a little creative. Creative here may mean anything from an expensive dinner to a weekend in an obscure Island that means coming back with the account. Anything goes in the world of sales. Anything.

7. Media Industry.

Like their counterparts in sales, media practitioners are under pressure to get “the big scoop”. Stories abound of journalists who have gotten their best stories on their backs. Or lured young girls craving fame with the promise of fake interviews that never really air. The media world is brimming with deprived hormones that need release. I mean look at the number of journalists who end up hooking up with other journalists.