Patrick Njoroge

Gone are the days where marriage was looked at as an achievement especially for men. In these modern days, many have opted to live as bachelors.

The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing, but it does not say that one MUST get married.

Below are Kenya’s most prominent bachelors

Chris Kirubi

City tycoon is first on the list. Despite being in his 70’s Kirubi is not currently married.

He was in the past married and sired two kids but things did not work out and since then he has just been enjoying life as a bachelor.

In a recent interview with Churchill, he termed marriage as enslavement especially if you end up getting married to the wrong person.

He is aged 79.

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Maina Kageni

The celebrated radio king is a bachelor and is not apologetic about it. Maina has in the past hinted that he might never get married.

This is even though he is currently 46.

The reason being the struggles he sees people going through in marriages, plus he loves his independence, so girls if you thought he was your Mr. Right, pole sana.

Maina Kageni

Mike Mondo

The smooth talking radio host is also single and he is not searching.

His voice drives many women bonkers and one would imagine with such an array of choices, he has a wife, but he doesn’t.

So ladies, keep praying he might end up being yours, if not endelea kula kwa macho.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Patrick Njoroge

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor is a bachelor.

And the truth is he will never get married. This is because he is a follower of an organization of the Roman Catholic church called Opus Dei.

The organization, which means “work of God” in Latin, teaches that ordinary life is a path to sanctity.

While being vetted in parliament in 2015, Njoroge said his single status is by choice.

“I am single by choice – it’s not because there’s a problem or shortage,” he said.

He is aged 59.

Patrick Njoroge

Would you live your life as a bachelor or a spinster by choice?

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