Kiss FM morning show host Kamene Goro has said that despite the belief that men and women cannot be platonic friends, most of her friends are men.

According to Kamene, the men in her life are trusted, and she can confide in them about anything and everything.

The debate came about after Kamene shared how an ex of hers sent an article of findings on why men and women cannot be friends.

‘A guy I used to date sent me sent me a hate mail just to get me  mad. the article was on how men and women can’t be friends.

He intentionally sent me this because he knows a majority of my closest friends are men.’

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According to the study
1. Every man who is friends with a chick, platonic or not the end game is to get his hand on her cookie jar.
2. The study found that most men had converted from just friends to baes in the course of being platonic friends.
3. At the end of every friendship, everyone wants to convert to being more than just a friend. When that fails some men even get depressed.
 Some fans agree that there is nothing like platonic friendship.
kimaningari: Menje this is actually true….majority are dudes out here trying to convert either is a win ama a fail.
That sh*t hits you hard in a case umelemewa but mostly we hit it once ile ki bahati mbaya.
Maybe she’s been dumped you always there she feeling sorry for herself or you both drunk this once you can get lucky.
charleskarol_: Huwezi weka kuku mahali useme ni wakutaga tuu eggs, it will come a time utaichinja ukule🙌🙌
Do you believe that a man and a woman can just be friends?

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