You have probably heard of the new committee in town known as the ‘Kamati ya roho chafu’.

It compromises of people who will never celebrate you no matter what.

In fact, they will always find a reason to troll you despite the fact that you are far ahead of them in life.

Below are some of their meanest comments

1. Mimi siwezi buy gari na loan

Most will say this yet they do not even have a bicycle to their name.

2. Huyo bwana yake ni mkubwa sana kumliko, ni pesa aliona.

Normally used by critics who despite being all ‘sexy’ have no man to show off themselves.

3. Gari ni mabati tu!

Normally used by critics who can’t swallow the fact that some people can afford a car and they can’t.

4. iPhones are overrated, simu ni simu tu bora inapiga.

Some people are so bitter and they cannot seem to swallow that some people can cough a whooping Ksh 130,000 just to buy a phone.

5. Siwezi kula food ya fridge.

This phrase is majorly used by roho chafu members who cannot afford a fridge and want to soothe their ego by making you feel bad.

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6. Wako na pesa na hawana amani kwa nyumba.

Lazy people will always find a reason to bring down people who work hard for their money.

7. Anajifanya na hiyo masomo yake na hawezi ata pata mtu wa kumuoa.

Used by people who maybe dropped out due to kichwa ngumu, peer pressure and are envious of how all their friends are doing.

8. Siwezi drive vitz afadhali nitembee miguu.

Used by kamati ya roho chafu members who normally use route 11 (walking) yet they are quick to criticize others.

9. Kuoa ni stress afadhali nikae single.

Normally used by men who do not want to bear the responsibility of living with a woman. They would rather hit and run than commit.

10. Microwave inaleta cancer.

11. He is driving a V8 na anaishi Githurai, huyo ni driver wa mdosi.

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12. Hio nguo anasema alibuy 7K na Eastleigh ni Thao! same same.

Some people that is undeniable but some Kenyans who cannot afford the same lifestyle will always find a reason to criticize them.

This is despite the fact that they scramble for second-hand goods.

13. Hiyo kazi alipata after kulala na mdosi.

We have all heard that phrase, its normally used by haters who think that one cannot get a certain position through their qualifications.

14. Siwezi nunua gari niwe niki park kwa plot…heri ninunue shamba instead.

We all have different priorities and some people opt on buying a car first, but kamati ya roho chafu members will never understand this.

15. Kuna maana gani upate pesa na ukose mbinguni.

Used by haters especially the self-proclaimed holy Joe’s who have made themselves God’s representatives when it comes to judgement.

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