We all know when Moses Kuria comes into the studio it is pure comedy and there will also be some shocking statements made.

We have seen Moses Kuria walk out of a live interview. Yes, if he doesn’t like what you’re saying, he isn’t going to waste any time there.

Well, Larry Madowo considers these kind of actions very disrespectful. He went on to his twitter to make this very clear.

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Larry Madowo

In his tweet, he also highlighted that he will not have Moses Kuria in any of his shows.


He posted on his twitter feed:

Moses Kuria is not welcome on any shows I’m hosting. He does not respect me or my colleagues & I’ve told him as much

Moses Kuria and Larry Madowo are known to have had very heated conversations on air regarding politics in the past.

This was definitely going to cause a lot of drama on the social media.

Many of the people were commenting comparing him to Miguna Miguna saying they both do not respect people.

The comments definitely have different opinions where people are for Larry and those who are against Larry’s decision.

Here are some of the comments from his tweeter feed:

Shaf: Moses Kuria just like Miguna and many others have little respect for people. But they usually have points to consider in between the rubbish

Greg: Someone reading this would be mistaken to think you own NationMediaGrp.Is there anyone who would die to be in your?? show? Only socialites

Kiki: Kuria can b a pain. But hosting Miguna only is kinda biased. I think Larry is levelheaded enough to handle it.

Moses Kuria is also known for abusing a TV reporter live on TV with a heavy curse word.