Babu Owino and Moses Kuria

Babu Owino and Moses Kuria have a rivalry that depends on the prevailing relationship between their two leaders. The two have been fighting, with last year been the epitome of that contest as the country was having a general election that pitted respective leaders against each other in the general elections.

Moses Kuria and Babu Owino

The fights were verbal with each dissing the other with shocking and sometimes vile things, especially for a leader. Babu would throw a missile, then Moses Kuria would promptly respond. At least the two didn’t fight like Babu had with Jaguar on parliament grounds.

Babu Owino vs Jaguar

Even after all the theatrics, Babu revealed that he normally helped take Moses home when he(Moses) was drunk and out of it. Strange?

But this weekend they had their public reconciliation. This was expected after their political leaders also made a vow to work together. The two were with Ciru Muriuki.


A few Kenyans wrote on Babu’s page, with the comments being emotional, especially fr those who believe politicians are altruistic. Some are below:

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