Radio presenter Neville and content creator Chebet Ronoh have joined the Homeboyz radio team and will be hosting the breakfast show ‘The Lift off’ with G Money.


Speaking exclusively to, Ronoh described her excitement

“I have been on radio for a year and took a break but I’m back. I am excited because I have exciting co-hosts.”


“i am bringing A whole new fresh young vibe. I feel like i have a very young audience and a lot of young people will join my buzz and my very young vibe. I am bringing a lot of comedy to the show as well.”

The 20-year-old, who is well known for her digital content will also be having her own segment that entails pouring her heart out to the audience in the most honest way

There wont be so much differeNce between who i am on the show is who i am on the internet, cause there will also be a segment called Ronoh’s rant. I am excited about this segment because it will be very authentic. I have alot to offer. I am going to make your morning. 

Neville on the other hand is making his comeback to HomeBoyz radio, where it all started.

“I have come back home,” he said

‘The fans are in for a treat, you wouldn’t want to be the person being told a story, experience it for yourself. G-Money is the founding father and I am representing the people from mtaa and Ronoh is young and will give us the young perspective.”


So what should fans expect?

Apart from Homeboyz having incredible music, we have first hand interaction with the new generation of music, we are growing up when its also growing and we have the best perspective.

I am ready, all i want to do is go on air. It is a good way to start your December.

All i have to do is be myself, with my life and what I’m going through, I have the perspective that most young people are going throw, if you are listening to me, you are going to grow with me.

The two radio presenters have one thing in common that they have learnt in the past

“Read your contracts,” they said.

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The show will be going live every week day from 6AM to 10AM.