Joe Irungu and Maribe

On Monday this week, Jacque Maribe’s lawyer was seeking bail.

The judge, Justice Lesiit moved the case to be heard today. She stepped down pushing the case to a different court and a different judge for today’s hearing.

As mpasho has seen in Milimani court, Jacque and Jowie are looking brighter and ready for the case hoping for the best. Jacque Maribe has confessed that she would love to be set free on bail so that she can go home and take care of her 4-year-old son and that she is not a flight risk.

Monica Kimani’s lawyers opposed the bail plea which was also backed up by the deceased brother, George Kimani.

According to the family lawyer, George Kimani said that if the suspects are released on bail, Jacque and Jowie will interfere with witnesses.

The other reason given by the family is that Jowie might be at risk of committing suicide which of course will interfere with investigations.

Eric Omondi ako wapi? Jacque Maribe begs court to release her to go take care of her child

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Maribe and Jowie in court

All the late Monica Kimani’s family want is justice for Monica and the lawyers are really working hard to fulfill the family’s wish.

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