Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani
Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani

Monica Kimani came to national renown in the most horrific of ways. Her body was found in the bathtub of her Kilimani area apartment with her throat slit from ear to ear.

The prime suspect in her murder is her rumoured lover Joe Irungu who is engaged to Jacque Maribe. I will not talk about her whirlwind romance or how it has ended up with her currently cooling her hills in a government-run resort, facing a possible conspiracy charge.

When her father first spoke to the media following news of her untimely demise, he mentioned a boyfriend from Sudan called Yasir Mohammed who wasn’t present at her funeral which did little to quail rumours about her rumoured liaison with a South Sudanese former warlord and current politician Daniel Awet Akot.

And according to the Nation who reached out to Paul Ngarama, Monica Kimani’s father, Monica wasn’t married to the South Sudanese politician but they were “very close”. This is inspite of close relatives and friends’ assertions that Ms Kimani was indeed married to Daniel Awet Akot and this connection helped the family’s fortunes.

Mr Ngarama, who was a newspaper vendor in Juba in 2013, said Mr Akot only helped him establish numerous churches in Rumbek, Juba and other parts of South Sudan.

Mr Ngarama later moved to Rumbek and became close to the then Bahr el Ghazal Governor, Mr Awet Akot, who developed trust in him.

A year after Ms Kimani graduated from the Kenya Polytechnic, Mr Ngarama invited her to Rumbek, where she got a job in the Governor’s office.

“The governor liked her so much that she was always accompanying him and she rose through the ranks in his office.”


When Lt-Gen (rtd) Akot became the Deputy Speaker in the National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan, he moved to Juba with his family. He also moved with Ms Kimani who, at the time, was not working in his office. Ms Kimani expanded the family business in Juba.

So just who is Daniel Awet Akot? Well, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant-General in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and is a war veteran, and at one time was the Bahr el Ghazal Governor. Mr Akot, according to an online profile, got military training both in South Sudan and the United States. He commanded the Sudan People’s Liberation Army rebel forces around Renk in northern South Sudan. Mr John Garang, his friend and age-mate, appointed him one of the 11 alternate members of the SPLA Political-Military High Command, making him one of the most powerful military commanders.

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