The late Monica enjoying her life

Monica Kimani was living large. And when I say that I don’t mean it in a bad way. She was the child of a successful businessman, Bishop Paul Ngarama.

Monica Kimani's parents
Monica Kimani’s parents at her funeral

The man had invested successfully in South Sudan a few years back and had built a vast empire since. And Monica herself had been an astute student who followed in her father’s business footsteps.

That meant that Monica was now the managing the family business after her father stepped down at the behest of his daughter.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica

What did managing the family business entail? Monica was directing operations for Millipaul General Trading Ltd, the family cleaning business In South Sudan. And coming from such a prominent background of wealth and abundance, Monica had the wherewithal to spend on properties.

Is that her car?

The cleaning business was doing well with clients such as UAP insurance. According to the Nairobian tabloid, Monica had just purchased homes in Ruaka and Imara Daima. She had also bought parcels of land in Joska that is along Kangundo Road.

So from all these information, Monica was doing well financially.

Monica Kimani
Monica Kimani

In most murders, there are normally motives ascribed to the murderer. They are:

  • To keep a secret
  • Revenge
  • Frustration/hate
  • Money/Greed
  • Sex/Jealousy
  • Property Disputes
  • Personal Vendettas
  • Political
  • Class Conflict
  • Narcotics
  • Urge to Protect

As a smart reader of, what motive makes the most sense when it relates to the late Monica? One stands out for me.

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