Monica Kimani
Was her murder a ritual murder?

Monica Kimani’s name will be heavy on the minds of many Kenyans when words like “murder most foul” is uttered.

The up-and-coming business-woman was brutally murdered on the night of September 19th. But can her last day on Earth be reconstructed before her demise? Yes, thanks to police investigations we have a clearer picture of what Monica did the day she breathed her last.

Monica Kimani's funeral
Monica Kimani’s funeral

It is below:

6:21 P.M: She called her brother and announced her arrival in the country from Juba, South Sudan. She also told him about her subsequent departure for Dubai for a holiday.

7.30 P.M: Monica took a Taxify cab that dropped her off at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani, Off Dennis Pritt Road.

Monica Kimani's apartment
Her apartment

8.00 P.M: She left her 3rd-floor apartment to go and collect a package from the gate

8:30 P.M: A neighbour called Owen delivers a South Sudanese car number plate she had given him earlier that she had requested be insulated.

She loved the sun: Inside the late Monica Kimani’s posh apartment as revealed by her(images)

8:30 P.M: A Lebanese neighbour known to Monica joins her at her A8 apartment for a visit.

Monica Kimani's apartment
Monica Kimani’s apartment

8.45 P.M: Joe Irungu aka Jowie arrives wearing jeans, a grey jumper, a cap, and a kanzu. He uses the name “Dominic Kamau” at the gate. When in the house he hugs Monica and then proceeds to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of wine.

9:00 P.M: Owen and the Lebanese man leave the apartment with Monica with Jowie in the house. Joe was the last person to be seen alive with her.

Joe Irungu

The next day Monica’s family are concerned about their daughter as they were to meet Monica after landing from South Sudan and she was not answering their calls. So;

11.30 A.M: Monica’s brother, George Kimani, having failed to reach his sister the whole night decides to visit her apartment together with his girlfriend, to ascertain her safety.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica

12:00 P.M: They break down the door after knocking for 30 minutes without an answer. What they find is fit for a horror movie.

Monica’s neck had been slit from ear to ear with her mouth was taped shut and her hands tied and feet bound. More ominous is that the killer left the water running.


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