They say when you go to Rome do what Romans do and Akothee is one of the beings around who live by this phrase.

Whenever Akothee aka Madam boss is performing, she will always ensure that she gives her best. Apart from that, Akothee is always keen on which types of outfits to wear.

Akothee Esther

She thought out her out fit for her debut at a Dallas event. Akothee did not just walk on stage wearing a sack like dress as if she is going to pray at Mt Sinai, she decked out her body to perfection.

Akothee is not those types of artistes who will wear a jeans or kitenge to a beach. She will rock a sexy bikini just to flaunt her flawless body.

The mother of five and her manager, Nelson Oaks are currently in the US where she performed at the Dallas Memorial Party last night and she set tongues on fire after sharing photos rocking a revealing outfit.

Meet The Man Who Has Felt Akothee’s Warmth For A FULL MONTH

Here are the photos, check out














7. Akothee

8. Akothee

9. Akothee 10. Akothee 11. Akothee

Some were happy with Akothee while others lashed out at her claiming that her dress code was in appropriate.

But wait, what did these critics want her to wear to the show? Dhera or maxi dress? Here are some of the comments

Jackie: I like your crazyness, you motivate me gal. Single mothers, we need people to look upon, go gal.

Jay: chimmooo yaani mtu akisema Akothee hajavaa poa mwingine anakuja ati u don’t pay her bills pwahahah 1st of all we all pay bills ata kama ni 500 ni bill 2nd we are all diffrent wacha ile day utapata watoto uanze kuzururisha matako mpaka Dallas TX ndio utajua,ata beyonce if u watch her live concerts nowdays she covers up kidogo

Nick: nothing wrong with her dressing… soon you’ll tell us to swim with suits, shoes and rain coat.. you can add more venom if feel aggrieved, my advise Go buy yourself a Ferrari your bitterness will end. She’s in a different league no amount of bullying will shake her.

Jacinta: I liked akothees page….but its time to say goodbye. Kwa wale wanamtukana its really not necessary she didnt force you to….wenye wanataka avae vizuri tukutane kwa page ya mercy masika….kambua …na kina christina shusho…i need to feed myself positive things….all the best akothee.bye

David: This is just a stripper entertaining people. One of Kenyan strippers who managed to cross border.

Emily: love her, ,just look at her back,black black don’t copy Beyonce she is lights skin,she can wear anything and still look Gorgeous, truly you look like a zebra crossing or a bump.

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