I love Nairobi D!

The show that Kenyans hate to love but follow passionately enough to form relationships -albeit by proxy- with the stars is back at it again this week and this time the drama (with a capital D) involves Bridget Achieng and Serah Molly.

The two fought over what I think is lifestyles but then again I could be wrong. According to what I gleaned from the fight, the pair of them had met to settle their differences. Things however got heated with Bridget Achieng shouting at Serah Molly. In afew shot clips, all their pleasantries had been condemned to the deepest, darkest recesses of hell.

That was when the cat fight begun in earnest. I was so happy to witness the marvels of two lasses fighting and I know I am not alone.
Check out the video footage of the fight. And because I am concerned for your bundles, I have decided to cut the footage to the exact moment when the fight begun.

Thank Uncle Chim Tuna for that by actually watching the footage: