Kenyans mourn Moi

County Commissioner (CC), George Natembeya has assured Kenyans that action will be taken against those drivers who overtake on the road during Moi’s burial.

According to Natembeya there are enough police officers to handle such people.

‘The reason why there will be police officers all over the road during Moi’s burial is because Kenyan drivers are in-disciplined.

Most love overtaking, they find everyone waiting but feel special and decide to overlap.

If that happens during the day of the burial it will be a very big offence. ‘

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He further added

‘Let them be patient and disciplined. Those found will have their cars taken to a police station till next week.

We cannot let one person disorient the event Let us not disrespect the police if they tell you to do something do it.’

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In conclusion Natembeya went on to advice Kenyans to listen to police officers otherwise, utalala ndani

‘If they tell you not to go somewhere listen to them because there are some areas not accessible to the police.

There will be no pick pockets as there are police in civilian clothes. In-case you have a problem ask the police.’

Moi will be buried at his Kabarak home.

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