County Commissioner George Natembeya has refuted claims that people attending Moi’s event will be fed soda and bread only.

Natembeya had earlier stated

‘There will be snacks for the first 30’000 people .

There will be soda,bread and the program and also somewhere to sit.

Sacho high school there will be around 6000 people following the program Live.’

This statement threw Kenyans into a frenzy with many demanding for a proper meal .

According to Kenyans they deserve a meal of ugali and meat stating soda and bread is for high school kids.

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Natembeya came to his defense stating

‘I do not know people had that from, hii tabia ya watu kusema mambo bila kudhibitisha should stop.

Although he did not directly refute the soda ststement he defended himself stating

Moi was a very generous man and so we will follow what he practiced.’

Moi passed away after months of being in and out of hospital due to failing health.

He was Kenya’s second president and the longest serving president having ruled Kenya for 24 years.

He left power in 2002 after former President Mwai Kibaki took over , starting a journey of being a private citizen.

He has been away from the limelight only being seen when politicians visited his place.

May he rest in peace, he fought a good fight and won the race.

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