A former waiter at the Eden Roc hotel in Malindi where the late retired President Daniel arap Moi used to frequent has narrated how he used to serve the former president with traditional foods.

Mr. Anderson Tuva, who is in his late 60s, said the former president used to like boiled foods such as arrow roots, cassava, cow peas and vegetables.

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Speaking to journalists in Malindi Town on Wednesday, Mr. Tuva said he had been saddened by the death of the former president whom he described as a good man who used to give him and other hotel staff sound advice.

“In the morning Mr. Moi could be served with porridge, and if he was to take bread, he never liked butter. He also did not take any alcoholic drink in the hotel,” he said.

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“He did not like meat very much, but whenever we prepared a meal of meat for him, he preferred it boiled and served with plenty of traditional vegetables such as amaranth (mchicha) and black night shade (managu).” 


KNA by Tomas Mbaya/Emmanuel Masha