Saumu Mbuvi has told off trolls, who she claims always pick on her for no reason. Speaking about her worst trolls in an interview with Massawe Japanni, Saumu narrated,

They said Kazi yangu ni kuruka ruka (my work is to jump) from one relationship to another. But before you find Mr Right, you have to kiss one or two frogs.

She continued;

Being a governor’s daughter doesn’t mean I’m perfect and should live my life as an angel. We make mistakes but I wouldn’t say I made a mistake, I made the right decision for my life and that of my child’s because my happiness comes first no matter what.

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She admitted that her friends and aunties who are on Facebook send her screenshots of people trolling her.

Attacking a specific facebook page, she said,

Those are idle and jobless women. They pretend to be saints. I don’t poke my nose in other people’s businesses but for these women, they troll me from my dressing code to my body shape.

The emotional mother told trolls to be very careful because their kids might suffer the same ffate one day.

These idlers should get something to keep them busy. I don’t want publicity, let them talk about those who want attention. Hawa wamama wanikome,’ she said.

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The mother of one thanked her lover Lamu senator Anwar Loiptiptip for always being there for her.

At times when people send me screenshots of critics trolling me, he (Anwar) always advises me to ignore them,’ she said.


The internet is very cruel. Those women (trolls) have no direction in life.

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