People in church

A church is a holy place where we go to worship our maker.

But some people don’t respect it. Everyone has witnessed that one thing they hate about church-goers!

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How do you feel when someone catwalks to church late in heels distracting everyone when the sermon is going on?

Well, below is a list of the most annoying behaviors of Kenyans in churches, go through;


There are this group of people which can’t keep calm. They will whisper all through the service distracting other worshipers from listening to the good word. They are no different from gossipers who can’t pay attention during sermons.

Then when they think they are being incognito they proceed to point with their mouth as they gossip about other parishioners.

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Some people have turned churches into restaurants. Why would one eat in church yet we spend less than two hours in these holy places? From eating fruits and throwing peels all over to littering the church with sweet and gum wrappers, they will leave the church dirty without caring.

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This is a special lot. They will walk into the church late when everyone is quiet listening to the sermon distracting not only the preacher but also the congregation. Most of them are always women who come dressed indecently.

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Slayers are always on point when it comes to dressing. From head to toe, these men and women always compete for the best-dressed slot. We can only hope that their inner beauty is also appealing to the Most High.


Every church has this type of people whether the preacher is interesting or boring. After the praise and worship session, they pull back their seats and doze off while the preacher is preaching. After church, they can rarely remember a single verse quoted during the sermon. Is it a must you go to church? Lala boss!

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Walking around

They have a degree in walking from corner to corner while sermons going on. Most of then sit in the middle or the front and keep interrupting those seated next to them to pave way so that they can pass. But why can’t you just sit at the back instead of disturbing others?

Using phones

This is notorious churchgoer. They don’t respect the church and receive calls in church. Most churches advise their congregants to switch off their phones or put them on silent but there are those who don’t listen. Do you think it will be better if churches ban usage of phones in places of worship?

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The current generation is just doomed. They will snap the service from the start to the end, go live and use hashtags like #blessed #GodsSpeed #childofthemosthigh #doubleblessings etc. Is it a must we do that?

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