Fake friends are like shadows, always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.

They will only be there for you if there’s something you are doing for them or rather when they are benefiting from you.

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One of Kenya’s richest singer Akothee has left many surprised after she made remarks about her fake friends.

“It’s cheaper for me to feed & keep 32 dogs, but I can’t afford to make 5 friends happy every weekend, I can’t quench their constant thirst for turn up, this dogs won’t ask for my car drive around & bring it back with dents & empty tanks, how do you feel if every time you go out with friends you have to pay their bills, give them a ride, they get drunk more than you & on top of that call you to send them airtime so they can call you?,” she posted.

Yes! You heard her right. She has no time for parasites/fake friends.


Akothee’s sentiments saw many comment on her post both negatively and positively Diamond Platnumz’ wife Zari Hassan echoed her sentiments and here is what she said;

“Story of my life…… I remember how I used to turn up with more than 15 girls now it’s about me, my money, my kids & my family. Circle is really small. So many parasites out there. Why tho… it’s such a turn off when you paying the bill and grown ass women can’t even offer to out $1 on top. But when they go out and you are not invited everyone pays wanachanganya…. mehhhnnn. I can’t deal, I just can’t!!!”

Kumbe matajiri pia hulia? Some people have this tendency of following celebrities around and asking for money from them instead of working hard to get their own. Below are more comments, go through;

“Lol. Girl you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. Loose them and get your self some real friends. You deserve it,” read a comment from her follower.

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“I pity your poor friends u always wipe your rich a$$ on their broke a$$ face as u insult them ooh God this poverty has made the rich discriminate us they even value dogs than us please God when u bless others don’t forget to bless the poor to take this poverty pain off our lives so that our rich friend can not see us as burdens but as friends,” commented another one.

“How I wish this lady would give back to the society being that she was from a poor background. May God forgive you mama,” someone else commented

“Those are the freeloading mindless people that have no consciences so they will take and take until they run you dry, then move on to another to see what they can get. A lot of selfish people around!” read another comment


“Hao sasa ni kunguni au kupe maana wanakunyonya tu. Those are not friends,” someone else posted.

“Those are not your friends, they are users and are taking advantage of your possibilities you can offer them. Refuse them and you will really see who they are. Just cut them off. Tell them, no for once and keep moving. Or, tell them no gas is in the car, but they can have it but they must buy the gas, and oil to run it. Or tell them it is not registered nor insured but if they can they can have it. @akotheekenya, sometimes you have to get rid of old handbag that are outdated and improve, if you get my drift,” another one posted.