Football is a sport loved by many across the globe. From Europe to Asia to America to Africa, football is belived to be the number one most loved sport in the world.

EPL and La Liga are the two most supported leagues and have millions of fans especially in Africa. To football lovers, this sport means a lot to them more so if you’re supporting the top teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City just to mention but a few.

Your team has to be on their A game or else you will be always be trolled like Arsenal fans. Some fans invest heavily in betting but incase their teams lose, some have been distressed to the point of commiting suicide.

In 2015, a Kenyan man identified as Festus shocked many after he claimed that he would give out his wife for free if Chelsea won the league.

“Today my Chelsea lost at home. Am glad I watched the game and am convinced now more than ever hii cup ni yetu. Who is for a bet? Am ready to beat my wife,” he posted on Facebook.

But unfortunately, Leceister won the league that year. He did not post anything on his Facebook. We don’t know if he honoured the bet.

“I Am Convinced That Chelsea Is Going To Win The League And Am Ready To Bet My Wife,” Says Kenyan Man

Well, a 16-year-old Manchester United fan who was accused of killing Richard Odhiambo, an Arsenal supporter after his team lost has been sentenced to three years’ probation by the Siaya High Court.

According to the police report, the two were heading home after watching a football match, in which Arsenal beat arch rivals Manchester United 2-0 in May this year.

An argument ensued between the two football fans and the 16-year-old who had a stick, hit Odhiambo on the head and he became unconscious. The deceased was rushed to his parents home by other children who then decided to take him to hospital but unfortunately, he died as he was being rushed to the hospital.

“The incident was accidental and the child offender is remorseful. He cooperated with police and did not attempt to abscond.

The child offender deserves non-custodial sentence under the law thus since he is above 15 years, I shall place him under probation for a period of three years under the supervision of the probation office in Siaya County,” said the magistrate.


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