Slay Queen

A photo of a banner inscribed with the words, “Mavazi yasiyofaa kanisani (dress code which isn’t allowed in the house of the Lord)” hanging over the gate of the church has gone viral.

The banner bears photos of a woman showing off her cleavage, bareback, wearing a body-hugging dress and even showing off a tummy in a crop top and high waist jeans.

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The photo has gone viral and Kenyans have reacted to it.

Githunguri church
Githunguri church

Check out the reactions;

Henry Mutua Nice one. Some of these women distract us, especially during sermons. Someone in church with her cleavage out, exposing her thighs yet we have children in this holy place. It’s time they ban high heels, makeup, and even wigs. Recently during a midweek service at our church, three women lost their wigs during deliverance.

Wambui Ndabi People can wear decently just for the 2-hour mass but their hearts and deeds are totally opposite of what we are commanded to do. So, let God be the judge.

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Solita Mariona If your sins are clean come and wash mine.

Edwin Kamau Kudos to the church! We’re tired of women attending services scantily dressed.

Wangui Kingori Jesus welcomed everybody.

Betty Belsha The house of the Lord is not a club dress decently. Do you dress the same ukienda kotini. Respect your maker.

Elizabeth Mudambo Heart takes people in heaven not clothes.

Kevin Ochieng I don’t mind whatever people wear to church, after all we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.

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