Cassper Nyovest was in town last weekend and there is still buzz going round on an amazing concert.

We know about the fact that Octopizzo was not having any of the bullshit Cassper was selling to the Kenyan audience. What we don’t know is who sponsored the whole event and who could afford to actually fly Cassper into the country and pay all the Kenyan stars who stepped on that stage.


Kieth a 17-year-old decided he is going to save up and start an events company where he will bring in international acts. He has ambitions of doing it bigger and better. Keith is aspiring to fly in Bad Girl Rihanna and we are not ready for the storm he is about to hit us with.

Chipukeezy who was an MC alongside The Raverend himself, Shaffie Weru, of course, had the privilege of bringing Kieth on his show. Kieth said that he is still a student in school but he knows how to save and handle his money. Which is how he has managed to save so much that he could afford to pay them all.

to be an entrepreneur you have to take risks and I was saving up for big things in the future and that was my first big show but expect bigger

When asked what more was in store, he said:

Expect me to bring people like Rihana

In disbelief, he asked him how he can balance both school work and event work. Kieth said he has employees who are the youth because his main goal is empowering the youth.

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Kieth’s wise words at the end of the show were:

you should not always expect to live with your parents so I like to be independent so I have trained my self to be independent. it always takes you far but never forget to put God first.

Of course, the question on the loss incurred was raised. Kieth opened up that he has already lost 2 million from that event. For him, that is not the end, it is a motivational factor to press on for the next big things.

He has worked on the next big thing that he will disclose soon but for now, it’s on the hushhush to avoid jinxing.

Watch the full interview below courtesy of the Chipukeezy show:

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