Chipukeezy has just jetted back from the states where he was on a tour. He got the chance to co-host this years Afrimma Awards with Basketmouth.

In addition to that, he also performed at a huge comedy show in Dallas, Texas.

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“I have been working so hard to become an international comedian and that was the first big platform I have been accorded. I have learned that putting in work pays,” Chipukeezy said.

Adding, “I just want to work hard to become a better comedian than i was yesterday. my aim now is to end up in Hollywood.”

Chipukeezy littered his timeline with photos of popular American stars during his stint at the BET Awards in Los Angeles.

One of whom was TV star Hakeem Lyon who is a main character in the television series, Empire. He is the youngest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon.

chipukeezy and hakeem Lyon
Chipukeezy revealed that when he met Hakeem they spoke about “Hollywood.
About my parody and we exchanged numbers. Actually y’all should watch out for my new material that will be available It is titled the Embaya parody.”

Now, the son of Mlolongo is back in town. His soon to be wife, Vivian welcomed him back with sooooooo much love.

Chipu bragged, “East or west home is the best.”

He posted several welcome-back-home photos.

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Here are some fans sentiments on the photos

Misheck Githaiga: Bad manners, remember you are a public figure and many of your fans are children. Behave.

Wuod Ongare: Nani amekuambia uangalie

Erick Kitheka Jr.: How is that bad manners?? Kissing cannot be bad manners.

Victor Ocharo: What the heck are children doing on Facebook, cut a Ninja this BS

Gabriel Mohammed advised, “Kesho mkiamka uyo dem anafaa kuwa na ball….otherwise asipo tutajua wewe hauna mbegu.”

Mutuma Mutea: Fundamendo

Ken Wakhungu: Ukamba itatumaliza

Mary Muturi: Pretenders let them be its their life. Si wakenya mna maneno sasa mnawauliza nini. Learn to mind ua business please.Chipukizy ebu enjoy ua life watu wataongea u be super nice or bad.hata siku ya Musa walikuwa.

Check out the photos:

Chipukeezy Chipukeezy Chipukeezy Chipukeezy Chipukeezy