We know she is too hot for the kitchen! By that, I mean she can’t cook, a quality that is very important in a housewife. But then, there are other unique qualities that prove Bahati’s video vixen cum bae Diana Marua is a perfect match for him.

Since late last year, Diana has been dating the Mapenzi hit maker and their relationship seems to be just fine apart from criticism from fans over keeping their romance private.

Just in case you thought Bahati has hit the wall, here is proof that his eye-candy can make a perfect wife;


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She Is Worldly Yaani Experienced

Diana has been severally linked to various personalities. From journalists to comedians, to footballers and now artistes, evidence that she is willing to settle after a long struggle of tasting all the possible professions. She has years in this game of love, Isn’t that experience enough?

She Is Mature

The 29-year-old lass is way too mature than Baha…and yes he is not only Diana’s bae but a toddler too (Reasons why he is still mtoto wa mama). They say a older woman thinks of the future, reasons why she would make a perfect wife for him. We wont stand another epic fail publicity stunt, Marua please make the ‘Mapenzi’ music video story line a reality. Just say yes to Bahati.

A Prayer Partner

She seems to be prayerful. The two came up with the term prayer partner which became a trend after everyone started using it. Never before was it seen that Baba Morgan would introduce his chic to the world. Every man needs a prayerful wife.

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She Has Good Parental Skills

Diana is an aunt to two beautiful twins. Her posts with them proves that she would make a good mother. Its time Morgan got a mother!

She Has Won Bahati’s Heart

Diana, a marketing manager at Bahati’s EMB has done what many lasses wished they did…..Win Bahati’s heart. Not only that she has also been employed by her lover as his PR personnel. She has made him rock matching clothes with her. Awwwwww. Diana has also made him give her some of his clothes, after a sleep over at his house. How much more can we count the ways he loves her?

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