Size 8 and DJ Mo’s Youtube channel is exploding. The couple’s fight video has amassed over 1 million views in a week and according to Kenyans, it’s staged. first published a video of an altercation between Size 8 and her husband. The two were at a popular restaurant when the mother of two walked out on her husband.


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The video went viral and DJ Mo took to social media to boast of the views it had attracted.

‘Trending number 1 & 2. Respectively…🙏 on YouTube …it’s unheard of .. one hitting 1.1 M in a week. Thank you for watching, let’s learn together. #TheMurayas,’ he posted.

Kenyans lashed out at the couple, with many calling them out for clout chasing.

Bernard Cheloti So all your fights ni for show tu!!!!!

Dennise Denani  Mlikua mnatafuta kiki

SirKen Odongo Useless publicity stunt. You don’t play with people’s emotion and come back to rub it on their faces. You should fire your PR management team if at all you’ve one. Some Kenyans thought this was real. So low!

juma_tedd Kumbe it was staged 😂😂 aki si media

Caroly Trizah There’s nothing I will waste my time to learn from you guys. How can you put your marriage and family in line for views??? That’s so low of both of you. The Internet never forgets and this might affect your kids in the future in the name of views.

the.legit Personally I’m tired of Kenyan Celebrities “clout chasing” left, right, centre 🤦

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Mercy Kimani I said earlier this was a prank watu wasubscribe tuskie birthday mkipeana v8, mtu anaweza hanya but mpaka mjulus iko online na wife behave normally?, how?

Nyathi Asego The fact remains that you don’t respect your wife…. What ashame!

mista_e_kenya Doing it for clout 🤪

peter_kraine80 Clout chasers now you got what you’ve been looking for, next time I won’t take your relationship serious

officialcantai @size8reborn @djmokenya ….continue calling for it…. It will happen when u list expect…. Endeleni tu

kayttwakesho Just the extent people can go for publicity. 😢😢😢

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