Kipyegon Kenei,
Police officer Kipyegon Kenei, who was found dead in Imara Daima's Villa Franca estate

No mother should bury their child as that is not what God intended, but for Sergeant Kenei’s mother destiny did not give her a chance to decide.

Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei was found dead at his house after missing for two days.

His body was found with a bullet wound in his head at his house.

He was at the time of his death attached to DP Ruto’s office.

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According to a report by DCI here are the inconsistencies that ruled out suicide as the cause of his death.

1. The victim (Kenei) was found lying partly with his face down.

2. No burn marks, no blood spots, no gun powder residue.

3. There was no blood spatter, blood usually spurts out of a deep wound due to pressure.

4. There was a blood stain on one side of a bedsheet but none on the adjacent pajama material.

It had earlier emerged that his bed had also been neatly made.

5. The position of his feet was inconsistent with an individual who had just shot himself.

6. A spent cartridge was found lodged on the upper pajama.

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7. The phone was off and it had no sim card.

It had earlier been stated that his social media accounts had been wiped out. Money had also been sent to his wife and parents.

8. There was a suicide note at the scene but it was later established the handwriting was not Kenei’s.

9. He had an open right hand.

Self inflicted gunshot victims hand commonly retain the firing position even after death along with the cartridge all the way.

Below is a graphical description of the situation Kenei’s body was found in.


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