Carol Radull

Media personality and Arsenal FC die-hard fan Carol Radull has paid tribute to her late father, Alex Patrick Radull, who passed away six years ago.

Carol’s father succumbed to cancer years after her two brothers also died of the illness.

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Remembering her father, Carol shared a photo she took with him a few years back.

Carol with her dad Radull
Carol with her dad Radull

She captioned it;

Six years have just flown by like that. We love you and we all miss you Dad. But we know you are in a better place resting in peace. ❤
17.07.38 – 19.05.13 #CancerSoldier #CancerWarrior.


Losing her loved ones to cancer, inspired the radio queen to help cancer patients and survivors. She’s a cancer warrior, who is on the forefront to raise awareness about cancer and fight the epidemic. She works closely with Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation.

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suzannaowiyo: It is well 🙏

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musalia: My deep ,sincere and heartfelt condolences. Be strong and all will be well.

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