Catherine Kasavuli

Catherine Kasavuli is without a doubt one of the best TV anchors Kenya has ever produced.

She was among the clique of famous TV personalities who made the Kenyan media industry what it is today. Kasavuli always brightened up our smiles whenever she was on air.

Kasavuli always brightened up our smiles whenever she was on air. Her command of the Queen’s language, potentiality and of course her charming smile left many of us happy.

Kasavuli alongside Mwaura Njoroge her co-host made us proud. One would opt to miss a meal just to watch the two present news on KTN which was most favourite channel among Kenyans.

Catherine Kasavuli

The regal newscaster who worked in the media industry for over 30 years, retired a few years back and we really miss her. She was one of those female media personalities known for their work ethic and passionate about their jobs.

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Kasavuli who likes to keep away from the limelight was also a great fashionista. She had a unique dressing style. Unlike most of the current TV girls who dress in clothes leaving little to the imagination; showing off their cleavage and curvy bodies, Kasavuli always dressed decently.  She always made fashion headlines whenever she stepped out.

The mother of one, Martin has been busy working so hard so as to maintain her brand and she is the CEO of Kasavuli media Group Company.

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The veteran journalist is ageing like fine wine. She doesn’t look like her real age. Ladies and gentlemen.

Here are photos of Katherine Kasavuli you must see…

Catherine Kasavuli also worked at KBC and Citizen TV until her retirement.