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Mishi Dora has a fast mouth and an equally volatile temper. She took to Instagram to eviscerate DJ Pierra Makena before she could fully investigate claims that that the media personality dissed her.

Mishi Dorah Pierra Makena

Mishi now has the law to deal with.

Even though Shaffie advised DJ Pierra against suing Mishi, the female spin-doctor is still going to go ahead with the suit.

Especially since the Nairobi D reality show actress has refused to eat humble pie and simply apologize.

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DJ Pierra has unleashed her evidence to show that she would never body shame another women. Ever.

She also unveiled the number of the imposter who caused this entire drama.

“I would like to address what has been going around on social media about me.
Early morning last week one of my client alerted me that someone was claiming that I body shamed them in a WhatsApp group.
I looked it up and I met a vile Instagram post about me my child and the father of my baby. I searched for her number (I have the conversations) called her to find out what is going on. I explained to her,” Pierra said in her social media pages.

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Adding, “1. That was not my number and neither has it ever been
2.I do not know her..never met her
3.I am very pro women and I do not body shame.
I requested her to send me the conversations going on in the WhatsApp group and the number of the so called DJ Pierra.. which was very unfamiliar to me.”

DJ Pierra Makena continued:

“I requested her to pull down the post and apologize which she refused but later pulled down the post but refused to apologize. Although I had made it clear that it was not me in Their Whats App group and she should investigate.

My team has done investigations and have found out the name of the owner of the number in their Whats App group who claims to be DJ Pierra. I will post screen shots of the conversations. I will not post her picture and the rest of the conversations as the case is still with the police.
If my accuser had done a little digging then she could have found out that I was not the owner of the number in their whats App group.”


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In conclusion Pierra said, “This week has been interesting but I chose not to respond rudely to the vile/body-shaming post..As a hard working mother..career woman and a
friend I do not approve of body shaming insulting and use of faul language to communicate. I have decided to clear the air, though those who know me know that it was not me.I would like to thank all my fans and friends and clients for your kind words and supportive messages.
Always remember” when people are rude to you,They reveal who they Are,not who you are. Don’t take it personally” cheers #BeYou.”

Here are the screenshots.

Pierra Makena Screenshoot4 Pierra Makena Screenshoot4 Pierra Makena Screenshoot4 Pierra Makena Screenshoot4 Pierra Makena Screenshoot4

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