A number of things have taken place since Mishi Dora went all out and accused Pendo and Ciggie of having a secret affair behind her back.

But the most bizarre of them all was a hysterical Mishi going live on Instagram to call them out.

Mishi did not have make up on and her weave was worn out.

She made some ulterations that would make someone call a psych doc for her.

She started off whispering, “I’m not okay!”

Mishi continued, “This is what’s up. For a few days now, there has been a lot of drama going on in my life. I had been feeling sorry for myself, that is why I have to raise up and talk about it. I have always been smiling even when my dad was bedridden. Everyone has always seen me as a strong person. Like, I’m that person who can just pick up the pieces and move on with my life and no one takes care of me.”

Mishi Dorah

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The rant reveals a lot about her life.

“People have been doing me wrong, hurting me and by the end of the day they are like, ‘Si ni Mishi Dora? She can move on.’ This is why people see me as a bitter person. I have never been shown love. I have always taken care of myself.”

Mishi also reveals why she is always combative and will strike out without a moment’s notice.

“I beat people up because they have taken advantage of me. I always trust people and at the end of the day I get hurt. At the end of the day, I deserve to be loved even though I have done a lot of wrong things, it is my way of protecting myself.”

The Nairobi D lead actress went ahead to call out Pendo and Ciggie for having an illicit affair behind her back. Mishi called it the ultimate ‘betrayal’.

“Today I’m not that strong woman. Today I feel like I’m not loved, I’m not feeling like there is someone out there who gives a fuck about me. Who has ever thought that if i do this Mishi will get hurt?”

Mishi DorahPendo has denied having an affair saying, come rain or high water she can never have the same taste in men, with Mishi. Check out her hilarious response in here.

Mishi added in her confession video – more like a rant video – that “Pendo was someone I trusted a lot. I loved her, I protected her from a lot. Then she does this to me? Ciggie is not even remorseful actually.”

Speaking of Ciggie, he has finally responded to her allegations with a post dripping with subtexts from here to Timbuktu.

He wrote, “Find A Woman With A Brain. They All Have Vaginas.”

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Netizens obviously reacted.
peshy_babyboss: Also its good to find a man with brain. they all have dicks

loraglorence: Karma that will strike you is doing press ups in Kondele

rollina_baby: This guy shouldn’t be in nairobi diaries! Mishi you better not leave the show for this one! It will be a disappointment!

coolbrownashleyluobae: Mishi, you are in Nairobi Diaries to stay, please don’t give up because of a man who can only afford one Dick and a hundren viginas and still can’t afford to shape up his body, be real girl, let him be in Nairobi Dieries and you too continue with your work, it’s your source of income mummy, I know you’re a strong woman, don’t fail me on this.

talistanoah: Regardless of what she did, it is not right to insult and shame a woman. That is hella disrespectful. And for all the ladies out here laughing at this, shame on you. This could be your sister. Learn something about women empowerment. How do you laugh about a man insulting a lady like you? What happens when it’s your time to be insulted? People make mistakes, insults are never the solutions to them.

david.kariuki.104: Wallai @ciggie si unakuaga na utoto na hii mwili mwili yako ya weetabix, bonga ka mtu mzima brathe haitakucost.

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