Losing a child is painful. It’s an experience no mother wants to go through.

Nana Owiti, King Kaka’s wife, who suffered a miscarriage in 2014, took to social media to talk about the agony she suffered. One of her posts read:

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Miscarriage can be such a devastating journey to walk through as a mother. There are many symptoms and causes of Miscarriage and infant loss which we shall discuss.. I will share mostly what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen first hand..Have I been through a Miscarriage?Oh yes! I have..Mnapenda story sana so here goes 😊 It’s Feb 2014. Beautiful morning. I take a test and oh! It’s positive. King said he wanted mtoi amuite ‘Daddy Gugugugu’ Now if you have been an ardent fan of King Kaka in his Rabbit days you will know that is an excerpt from his song-Twende. He meant every word. He wanted a baby-I grew into that idea. So yeah! We didn’t talk about baby names by the way. King has started calling me Mama Gweth long before we planned on having a baby. Said it’s a unisex name. I tell him no need of starting clinic mapema so we good.. First forward to the 1st of April 2014..I go the the washroom and get a blood stain. Kwani google ni ya kazi gani. Very fast I google and somewhere hapo napata ooh! Sijui implantation bleeding. Aaai! The math didn’t make up for implantation building but I choose to just hold onto the that as I freshen up and we head to the hosi. I tell the doc my LMP(Last Menstrual Period) and of course! The stain. He asks us to do a Scan.. the Sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’ Did I mention before that nimekunywishwa Maji mbaya sana coz the pregnancy is kidogo waezi Ona If the bladder is not full…Anyway I ask ‘Hakuna nini?’ the first Sonographer says ‘Hakuna heartbeat’… Yaani Hakuna siku ilifeel April fools Kama hii siku(notice the day) I gave King a quick glance and quickly gave those two Sonographer another one expecting a ‘We just fooled you!’ My God! There was no taking back their words. I died a little. King was confused and I some more. I walked out first and sat by the hallway of the hospital. Then King followed then we went back to the Sonographer and he asks..’Hakuna kitu mnaeza do yani?’ (Trust the Eastlando in this guy) Then he responds..’The best we can do is aoshwe as soon as possible..because by her LMP she should be 12weeks but by the foetal blah blah(those medical jargons)iko 7weeks meaning……. PART 1

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The tear-jerking story of the mother of two left many sad. Women flooded the comments section to share their own horrifying stories on miscarriage, while others offered words of encouragement to her.

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Below are the emotional stories from Kenyan mothers who’ve suffered miscariages.

shammysorganics @nanaowiti my love. Pole sana. Its encouraging somehow to know I’m not alone. Most women go through silent wars and battles amongst themselves trying to get over miscarriages. Pole for your loss. I’m grateful to God you healed and look at those little monkeys he blessed your lives with. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

tetemaiywa:@clariemeg omg I went through the same thing.I don’t know why we go thru such pain but looking up to God

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wangui_wamwangi I lost mine days to delivery..the trauma when I went for a scan…😥

jackieshamira I also lost my pregnancy at 26 weeks last week. I am devastated, I hoped. I had plans but then boom my baby is no more. The pains from the C-section are even worse. 😢😥😥😢

bellatebby So bold of you to speak out. So sorry for your loss and may God continue blessing your lovely family ❤️❤️❤️

omi_naz You are such a strong woman if u went through all that and still afford a smile everyday

eridahhash Thanks for sharing Nana, this was the story of my life in 2017 September. I’m now a proud mum of one. It shall be well to all those in the situation right now. You are not

leen_nappique So touching @nanaowiti .Thanks for sharing. I went through a loss in May 2018. I lost my son due to IC. We are hoping that one day we shall hold our rainbow Baby

emm_njoki So touching @nanaowiti . bless you!!

namunyaktaki Went through this in November my baby was 29weeks 😥😥 and it is painful everyday especially thinking by now I would be holding my son. I trust God to come through one day

mtotomremboke Thanks for sharing this and been helpful since I too lost before carrying to term. However, the experience has made me even stronger and positive with life.

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makeupbymaryo Worst part of this is being asked what happened 😥😥. For me the more I explained why I kept feeling like it was my fault.

rophine True God’s time is always the best,I lost my baby gal when she was 1yr two months, I cried a lot but I thank God ,he wiped away my tears my boy will turn two Next month.

charityakala You so strong Nana thanks for sharing you don’t know how many hearts you have touched

namunyaktaki @clariemeg I am sorry, definitely saying a prayer for you. It’s difficult been through it but I pray all will be well with you. Hugs

clariemeg I just experienced this three weeks ago.. I can’t heal from it @nanaowiti I still can’t.. But I know God shall give me another.m I carried mine for 9 good months.. And just the 9th,, just the 9th month she passed while she was still in my womb., I stayed for a whole week with a dead baby in my womb😢.

comical_ohanga A strong woman.Queen. 👑👑
lindakoske @kuinjubi I miss my baby boy 😢, my heart still aches three weeks later 😢😢. In God’s hands we leave it all.

shiromugure Went through the same ordeal in 2015 when we lost our little angel at just 8 weeks we were devastated I used to cry asking God what I had done wrong..But as the bible says his time is the best time we were blessed with a baby boy in 2016 and another one last year Jan and since he is still faithful a third one is due in September this year.To all the women out there going through the same time heals everything and our little angles are never forget. They remain our firstborns we never got a chance to meet.❤️❤️❤️

anita.ann Went through the same 😢but now I got the cutest son. God is always faithful.

braidmarydee I really needed this nana 😢😢😢 hoping for the best coz I’ve went thru the same twice and ma hopes are kinder dead.. Thanks

msndanu I love this. I have a friend who went through this a few weeks ago. It’s heart breaking. But, it’s not the end of the road… It’s just another story in your book. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

bakaribakari You have no idea how much hope this post has instilled in me. I feel like this was specifically for me to read. We lost our baby in November last year and I can assure you that was the most trying moment in our relationship. Me trying to be strong for her because I knew she needed that but deep down me, I was hurting. Asking God a million and one questions but all in all, He always has His reasons.. Anyway, bado najaribu kucheza kama Mimi and I hope very soon our prayers are going to be answered. Thank you Nana and may God bless you and your family.

danielabigael Thanks for this I lost my first pregnancy but God is faithful am 20 weeks pregnant.. Glory to him

jamilatwalib I went through the same experience @nanaowiti I lost a 7months old pregnancy,I thought my life had come to an end,I was shuttered but God is faithful now a happy mum of 2beautiful kids.And kweli time is the best healer.Hugs to any woman who had had a miscarriage it is well.My 4th miscarriage was just 3weeks ago .At times you question God but left with no answers. It shall be well

mamake_octavius I had such an experiencing… I felt like the world had just came to an end…after 2 years of “searching” then that.1year later God blessed me…a mother of 2 now at a span of 2 years

rose_ashely @nanaowiti thanks for sharing your story I’ve went through miscarriage and it’s something i would never wish even on my worst enemy in 2018 I’ve had three miscarriages and until now i never speak about it because i think it still bothers until to date but am praying to God to remember me and bless me one day to hold my own baby in my arms.

brendaajowi My 4th miscarriage was just 3weeks ago 😢😢.At times you question God but left with no answers. It shall be well

apopamary My current situation, I am here pretending to be fine but am kind of dead inside 😥

katemukirip Went through this exact thing last year, it was devastating to say the least.. 😢😢😢

maggiekariz Had a miscarriage back in 2013 @nanaowiti and till now been trying all ways to get paged again but with no avail!but above all God is faithful I believe so

mercymukenye_lioness Happened to me at 42 weeks during labour. After being in labour for more than 48 hours. I hear the sonographer say ‘huyu mtoi ni kama amekufa,hakuna heartbeat’😢 three years down the line and it pains

aliciahlydiah I have lost a child at 1 yr old, and lost two pregnancies at 13 weeks.. I know exactly how this feels.

mileymollyjames For me I miscarried in 2016 got prego again in 2017 then lost my girl after 3days this shit is real and it hurts like hell @nanaowiti

imaingi it happened to me in 2017. I went for a scan and the doctor said “I think the baby died a long time ago, and was like what!!!!. I have a baby boy now he is 5 months now.

lil_kinoti It takes a strong lady to talk about the loss of a child and it takes allot of courage to come to terms with the situation am sorry it happened to you and although you will never forget I hope you moved on

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