Sailors gang

Sailors Gang leader Peter Miracle has won the hearts of many after displaying maturity and sharing his tough life experiences during an Instagram Live session with

The Gengetone group recently fell out with their first manager Mwalimu Rachel and are now signed under new label, Black Market Record.

Miracle Baby also revealed that they didn’t sign any agreement with their previous management as they were too naive, young and only craved for fame.

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He admitted that he signed with another management (their current management) on behalf of Sailors and that’s where the fight with Mwalimu Rachel and them started.

‘I had to do that because vijana (fellow Sailors crew) walikuwa wanaumia. Walikuwa wanafungiwa keja (nyumba), hajui wanakula nini, wanalala wapi. Ndio mambo ya one bedroom kupatikana, vijana walikuja kwangu juu wamefungiwa nyumba,’ he narrated.

Sailors hits were posted online and the YouTube channel had already amassed more than 100k followers and to their fans, they assumed the artistes were living large but kwa ground vitu zilikuwa different.

‘So then upatane na msee anakwambia atawapatia kila kitu, wewe utaenda place msee anakujali ama hakujali? he posed.

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Asked how working under Black Market Record was like, he said,

‘Everyone’s basic needs are taken care of and that’s important in everyone’s life. Period!’.

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