An upcoming artiste claims that he gave Sailor’s lead rapper Peter Miracle Baby, Ksh 20,000 for a collabo but he did not deliver on the deal.

He told Mbusii and Lion,

“I’m big daddy from star family nahuzunika juu miracle baby alikwamia doh yangu, Ksh 20,000. We had agreed that the entire Sailors crew would do a collabo with me. This was in December 2020. we met at the studio, he did the chorus and that was it, we have never seen the song.”

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Miracle baby as called by Mbusii and Lion, he said,

“We had planned a collabo for the whole year, we cannot change that now. The option that is there is for you to send us your music we push it on our social. 


“unless we meet and talk about it. Don’t worry we will come to an understanding.”

Listen to the entire conversation below.

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