Janet Mbugua N


There you have it ladies, miniskirts will not solve all your problems, only God will. Well, top media personality Janet Mbugua is among the many women who have made us proud and we celebrate her. The mother of one who is always at the forefront of protect mothers, children, and young girls through her many campaigns and local adverts has won the hearts of many. She is a role model.

Janet Mbugua is not only known for her good command of English but also for her stylish and unique dress code. Have you ever seen her in a miniskirt? She doesn’t believe in showing too much skin unlike her counterparts.

Hapana Vaa Mathogodhanio Tena! Janet Mbugua Teaches Kenyan Women How To Dress When Going To A Party

The sultry anchor always dresses in long skirts and knee length dresses that bring out her nice shape and curves. She is a reserved woman. Unlike many of the local TV women who dress skimpily or in clothes that don’t fit them, Janet Mbugua has stuck to her formal dressing. She is never in controversies.

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Janet always dresses to kill whenever she steps out and here are some of the photos to prove this. Dear Kenyan women, take lessons.