Bien and Chiki Kuruka

Bien Aime Baraza’s fiancee Chiki Kuruka was hard pressed by fans to explain if she has been enjoying fruits from the star’s tall tree.

This discussion emanated from Bien’s photo of himself on social media with his ‘cassava’ popping out and ladies could not keep calm.

One fan asked Chiki to confirm if what she was seeing was what was behind the scenes.

Chiki confirmed it was.

Hii yote ni yako? Fans go crazy for Bien of Sauti Sol’s family jewels

Bien proposed to Chiki months ago after years of dating.

The proposal was an elaborate affair where Bien hired out an entire cinema, went down on one knee and popped the question.

The proposal, which went down at Westgate Mall was witnessed by friends, among them ‘Night Nurse’ Tallia Oyando and fashion stylist Annabel Onyango.

“I was not expecting this at all! Hiring out a cinema, all my family and friends involved. Thank you, thank you. Easiest yes I’ve ever said. To my homie, my best friend and sh** my fiancé, I love you,” wrote an excited Chiki.

Bien Sauti Sol

Below are the funny reaction comments from Biens’ #NviiriChallenge

janethemelanin: Uuuuuiiii remember to thank God for the blessing

bobsinyor: Chiki your a strong woman😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

shawn_mary254:@bobsinyor 😂😂😂😂indeed…. Huyu ni destroyer of womb

hantel_sabrina: Ata wewe ndo unafaa kuitwa bwana mkunaji😂 ata #willypaul hafiki…ukikuna chiki vizuri anapata tripple..😂😂😂

Hii yote ni yako? Fans go crazy for Bien of Sauti Sol’s family jewels

jackyvike: Baraza Wayinga! Heeey @chikikurukaMulamwa I see you 😜

jyweston: @chikikuruka should be celebrate like other heroes on mashujaa day 😆

zilbreezy.___: Damnnnn manzee amebeba kubebaa😂😂😂😂

moniekarocho: Mungu ninyunyuzie maji macho yangu yaache kuona yasionihusu.

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