Governor Mike Sonko is making the headlines once again over a nasty remark he made directed at Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris.

Sonko in his Madaraka Day speech at Pumwani High School went ham on Passaris who criticized his humanitarian efforts to provide food for the disadvantaged in society.

Sonko also addressed an issue voiced by Passaris who claimed he rarely picks her calls when she wants to speak to him about official matters.

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He said,

“Wewe hiyo pesa yako unasema ni kidogo peleka kwa childrens home. (You, that money you claim to have that is too little, take it to a children’s home.)”

He continued in a sarcastic tone,

“Mimi ile yangu mingi wacha nipelekee wanainchi (Since I have loads of cash, let me take it to the citizens in)…Kawangware, Kayole, Korogocho Komarock and Kibera.”

Sonko then warned Passaris, “As for my initiative in Turkana you either come and support me if not leave it alone. I can take food to any part of the country.”

The crowd cheered him on as Sonko then addressed the issue of why he doesn’t pick calls and specifically Passaris’.

“And that issue of you complaining i’m not picking your calls, know that I will pick them when i’m free. if i’m in a meeting like this one I cannot pick calls. 

He defended his comments to the crowd saying,

“I’m responding to her, we are not arguing, at times we have to disagree to agree. There are times I call Rais and he doesn’t pick and I don’t complain. I understand he is a busy man.”

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He added,

kwa hivyo mimi sio bwana yako nitashika simu saa ile unataka (Know that i’m not your husband to pick your calls when you so demand).

Annoyed by the uncalled for remarks, Passaris walked out of the event as Sonko continued with his diatribe.

The crowded cheered Sonko on and jeered at Passaris as she walked away.

Sonko shouted back at her,

“Haya kwaheri. Kwaheri ya kuonana.”

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