Ali Kiba Diamond

Ali Kiba, better known as King Kiba is setting the record straight.

Ali Kiba got married last month to his gorgeous wife, Amina Khaleef. Other than that, we all know he is a famous artiste but he says that will not change how he lives his life. He is not the kind of person who would go out showing off his wealth and fame. He’d rather his work speak for him.

Ali Kiba

One thing he was very clear about during his interview at Radio One is that he will forever be grateful to his fans because they stood by him even when he had nothing. The main reason why Ali Kiba will not fake his life or show off how he lives is that his fans have known him since the days he had nothing.

“Kuna maisha ya ustaa na kuna maisha ya kawaida na kuna maisha ya kuigiza kuwa staa. Mimi sijachagua in nature nipo hivyo, Watanzania walinipokea katika hali ambayo kiukweli haisemeki sasa hii leo nije nibadilike, so nisingependa kumshawishi shabiki yangu kwa namna yoyote ile kuwa nimebadilika kwa sasa hivi,” 

Ali Kiba

As the interview went on and on, the heat went up. With every word he uttered, it seemed like he was throwing shade at Diamond Platnumz. The two top Tanzanian artistes have been beefing for the longest time and by now this is common knowledge.

Remember during Masogange’s funeral? Ali Kiba and Diamond’s ‘handshake’ was trending. Apparently, Ali Kiba snubbed Diamond. Anyway, it has been said over and over that the two envy each others’ success. When one releases a song, the other one is cooking something in studio. A clear example would be with Kwangwaru by Diamond and Mvumo wa Radi by Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba vs Diamond Platnumz

Ali Kiba got agitated during the interview and painstakingly made it clear that he is not only a star but a big star for that matter and he has chosen to live the life he is living. Hating him and talking smack about him will not benefit his haters because, despite his fame and money, he will still remain humble.

“Kwa hiyo ule wivu wa kumfanya mtu anze kunichukia kwamba Ali amekuwa hivi na hivi, hapana!. Mimi ni staa, mimi ni supa staa nitafanya, ninaishi maisha ambayo nimechagua lakini bado nitaendea kuwa-humble kwa watu,”

Ali Kiba taken to court by baby mama after getting married to Kenyan woman

Okay let us be honest, isn’t this shade aimed towards Diamond?