Of late celebrities have been revealing their life stories using a Q$A function on Instagram. Milly Wa Jesus joined this bandwagon and described her first sexual experience with an ex-lover as “embarrassing”.

Milly who is married to Kabi Wa Jesus admitted that she had a lover before she met her hubby.

“You broke your virginity before meeting Kabi?” one fan posted.

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Milly responded saying.

“Got so many of this. Unfortunately, it’s true, and it happened in the most embarrassing way ever. Maybe one day I will gather confidence to talk about it,” Milly said.

Another fan asked another very personal question asking if ger first time with Kabi was after marriage or before.

Milly answered, “With my husband Kabi wa Jesus, yes.”

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Yaani, her fans were just asking everything they could think of, a curious fan asked,

“Have you ever cheated on your hubby?” the fan posed.

To which Milly Wa Jesus answered:

“😂😂 False. That would be very ungrateful of me. God has blessed me with am amazing gift in Kabi Wa Jesus. He is the man of my dreams and I am content with who he is and who we are. I would never by the grace of God.”

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