Social media seems to have taken a toll on one of Mike Sonko’s daughters. Saumu Mbuvi has now said that she’ll not be active on any platform anymore.

She has since deleted most of her pics. Her IG is now only laced with memes and inspirational quotes. Sometime back, the girl was allegedly ‘punished’ by her dad for social media misconduct. Since then, she has tried her best to remain under the radar.

The Rich Secret: Here Is What Mike Sonko’s Controversial Daughter Saumu Has Been Upto (PHOTOS)

Unlike her sister Salma, we do not see many of her stories in the media. That’s how serious it gets. This is the post she put up to tell her followers about her latest move.

Saumu-2 However, I have sexy pics of her (which are now rare) and you need to click next to see them >>