Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko. photo credit: angaza news

Eh henn! Mike Sonko has come out to respond to the protestations Nairobi based DJs have had about being arrested while at work in the various City clubs.

Anyone who would have thought he would have acquiesced is in for a surprise as he doubled down instead. I find it interesting that he has doubled down when it comes to Djs but with the issue of hawkers, he was slow and reluctant to react. Telling!

All this comes after Nairobi based DJs had complained about being harassed and arrested as they performed at the various clubs and the guys who have been arresting them have been confusing because some say they work for the county government, others deny the fact.

Actually, why would the county government have to arrest DJs instead of the proprietors of the clubs they are spinning at? I can’t answer that question.

But what did Bwana governor say? Well:

“The issue of arrest and harassment of DJs has come to my attention. I appreciate youth trying to make a living. However, DJs especially in residential areas, should not violate the rights of Nairobians to a good working and living environment. Watoto wa shule and and hard working Nairobians should be allowed to have a peaceful night so as to have productive days. In many cases, bar managers and owners are never in the scene during operations that’s why at some point our DJs coz they’re the operators of the music machines. Also, note that we receive complains from residents before we act. Kwa hivyo┬átunaomba DJs waangalie hio.”